Ambassadors for Peace

UPF distinguishes people who are to benefit others and work for peace. As an ambassador of peace they build contacts with each other and committed to the common good. They represent the cultural diversity of the human family in all disciplines and professions. The award for the Ambassador of Peace is an encouragement to continue to face up to the responsibility to build a world of peace, free from divisions based on race, religion, nationality or social origin.

Ambassadors for Peace work in peace councils at regional, national and global levels. These councils are representative bodies that deal with the planning, consultancy, evaluation and recommendation of specific initiatives and programs. You sit down, inter alia, for the strengthening of the family as the fundamental building block of society and to encourage reconciliation and cooperation beyond the traditional boundaries of religion, race and nationality away. They are committed to universal values, emphasizing and practicing the ethical principle of “living for the sake of others lead” as the basic principle for a peaceful world community.

In order to join the network of Ambassadors for Peace, please contact a UPF local group in your area.