Core principles

Five principles of peace

Lord whilst the middle – we’re one individual family developed by God. We may develop beyond our restricted self interest, by creating an understanding of the significance of the individual situation because it was handed to us by our Founder. Just like parents may mediate within the issues of the kids, the center that has its source within our inventor, help get rid of the issues that stay between countries, countries and beliefs.

Human Obligation – the greatest skills of people possess a religious and ethical character. Individuals desire for reality, elegance and goodness. The greatest meaning of existence and its own objective might be discovered, if we desire to these ideals. Every individual comes with an endless nature that transcends our bodily lifetime. Religious regulations should currently be used within this existence to ensure that we’re organized for that endless world.

Household – the household may be the first “college of love and peace.” Between parents and kids, among siblings may be the location where we learn how to solve issues with-love, also before they advance and become hate. All fundamental individual and public benefits are discovered in your home and certainly will be used there first. Careful, dedicated partnerships are the building blocks for healthy people.

Existence for that great of others – Existence for that advantage of others may be the method to reconcile the individual individual family again. We training this existence for that great of others, we’re non-profit instead of selfish. The substance of great personality holds true love that conveys itself through selfless activity.

Equilibrium and assistance across borders – Peace comes through assistance of cultural, spiritual and national boundaries.