Founding purpose

Delegates from 131 nations take part in the inaugural meeting of the Universal Peace Federation in the Alice Tully Hall in Lincoln Center, New York, in part, September 12, 2005

Wrld urgently needs Management to overcome the conflicts between the great religious traditions, but also between the spiritual values ​​and principles on the one hand and the responsibilities and interests of governments on the other side.

Religion and government complement each other not only in their concerns and objectives, they overlap even. Both will be expected to work for the welfare of the people and thus contribute to the formation of good companies. Ideally, religion and government are based on the same universal principles. Both need leaders who are willing to implement these principles and to bring classical virtues such as love, compassion, wisdom and courage with.

I n the founder idea and statutes of the United Nations will find the great teachings of the world religions been no mention. It is imperative to understand the spiritual dimension of human existence and to pay tribute. Religion and Spirituality play an extremely important role in the daily life of each person.

D IE Universal Peace Federation is working on the renovation of the United Nations. It proposes the establishment of an Inter-Religious Council as an independent body within the UN. As an independent institution the UPF strives to serve the world as the “Abel-type United Nations” – ie the UN as a kind, are their peace efforts and sustained commitment for the fellows in line with the higher religious dimensions of our lives.